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Open up the gates

27/02/2015 | Blog

You can open the gates for people outside of your normal audience to hear your message by writing up opinion pieces on subjects in the news ect [...]
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Digital Hocus Pocus

27/02/2015 | Blog

Opening a website like this will bring about serious change in your life and work. Be strong and righteous and you'll go a far in life, shine bright [...]
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JO Representer is a Irish Nigerian Hip Hop/Afrobeat artist and DJ. Since (year) representer has been playing shows across Ireland, and working along side artists such as (names) helping pioneer the Afrobeat scene in Ireland and pave the way for up and coming talent.

Representer incorporates heritage, faith and positivity into his work which produce a relatable, relevant and authentic product. Determined not to let depression or fear creep into his mindset or work he continues to evolve and represent.



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Strong Entertainment

Strong Entertainment is a management and events company set-up by Representer to provide the people with unique and unbeatable party experiences and faithful and truthful performances. If you were ever at one of our parties/celebrations or performances we're sure you'll kept the memory with you and that it will be a lasting one.

What we can do for you

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To enquire about your celebrations and parties or to find out how to get on the roster, contact us today by email at or by phone at: +353858805927